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The Queen in Autumn

Queen of Swords
14 December
I am an underworld priestess, a spiritual director, a writer, and a single mother.

I value self-awareness, creativity, integrity, kindness, and an open mind. My own core values are Wisdom, Integrity, Courage, Tenderness and Humor. I am deeply attracted by intensity, but have learned to approach it with caution.

Some of the positive labels applied to me are: intelligent, intense, sensual, inspiring, imaginative, unique, weird, wise, a leader, and spiritual.

archetypes, arthurian legends, babylon-5, bdsm, bears, california, castles, chivalry, christo-pagan, co-masonry, colliding galaxies, comparative religion, courage, courtesans, creation spirituality, creativity, daemons, daimons, dancing in the void, dangerous women, directing, dollhouse, doors into other worlds, dragons, energy exchange, energy work, ereshkigal, erotica, fairy tales, feminist theology, feral holiness, fire, firefly, freyja, goddesses, grail quest, guinevere, guy gavriel kay, heathenism, hero's journey, heroines, hieros gamos, hollywood, holy grail, honor, imagination, inanna, initiations, interfaith, into the woods, isis, jacqueline carey, jean shinoda bolen, joan of arc, journeying, journeys, kabbalah, kundalini, leadership, lilith, live steel, los angeles, magdalene, martial arts, marve, mcu, mediation, mirabai, modern fairy tales, movies, mystical union, mysticism, myth, mythology, neopaganism, odin, paganism, parke godwin, passion, past lives, peace with justice, pirates, poetry, polyamory, polyandry, power, prayer, priestessing, promethea, public speaking, qabalah, queen christina, queens, quests, religion, religious studies, ritual, road trips, royalty, runes, sacred marriage, sacred prostitutes, sacred sexuality, science fiction, scrapbooking, sovereignty, spiritual direction, spirituality, star trek, star wars, stockholm syndrome, storytelling, swashbucklers, swedenborg, swords, tam lin, tarot, the otherworld, the stars, the underworld, the void, theater, theology, toastmasters, transformation, veronica franco, villains, vodka, vorkosigan, walking between worlds, warrior path, warriors, weight training, wicked, wisdom, witchcraft, wolves, women warriors, writing