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Domestic Energy

After years of stressing about not having any desires, I now am bubbling with them -- including, startlingly, desires to re-do my living space. Or maybe not so surprising.

Last night I was already late in getting to bed, but ended up delaying even further imagining what it would be like to move my heavy-framed queen-sized bed into what started out as the dining room area of my small apartment but is currently my office. I wanted to move my bed into that space and transform my current bedroom into an office/sanctuary. I don't get much done in my current office space, due to the mixing of Wolfling's energies. I wanted to create a more isolated working area. Having my bed in the main living space would be radical, but the dining room is kind of an alcove. . . and I could put up screens. . . or just decorate it and make it beautiful and use it for lounging.

Then I realized that my bookshelves wouldn't all fit in my oddly-proportioned bedroom, which meant offloading a lot of books to make that plan work. . . or repurposing other areas of the house. . .

Which led me to realize how much non-functional stuff I have piled up in various places. My storage closet (on the balcony) is just a jumble. Then I remembered the tall laundry basket in the laundry room holding posters that haven't been on a wall in a decade or so. . . And this morning I went in to find that there are also six cardboard boxes in there that I haven't thoought about -- or missed the contents of -- since my move a year and a half ago. Ditto a bunch of stuff in the storage closet, including SCA gear I haven't used since Wolfling was three years old. I have boxes of other types of still-nice stuff that no longer suits which needs to go up on eBay.

I swear, I almost started purging last night. Instead, I intend to take advantage of the two three day weekends coming up (when I'm not planning a "Swashbuckling Adventures" scenario for Wolfling and Hob to enjoy -- yes, I'll soon be gaming again!). I probably won't end up moving my bed (although the thought remains tempting), but I am most definitely going to sort and jettison a lot of dead weight, which should contribute to better energy flow and better use of the space I do have. I'm going to get an easily assembled shelf unit to make the storage shed useful, not just a sump.

My dreams have been dense the last few nights. Most notably, last night's dream included a new boss (who looked a lot like my old boss, WB) telling me how hard it was to select a Christmas gift for me, and then declaring that what I really should be (as in job description) was "a princess" -- because of all my unusual talents.


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Dec. 22nd, 2010 09:16 pm (UTC)
*happy hugs*
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