Queen of Swords (qos) wrote,
Queen of Swords


Good news: got to the location and found parking very easily.

Bad news: the lost and found guy couldn't find my cell phone case.

The people who answer the phone calls don't actually get to look at the lost and found items, all they have is a database. I don't know if the rep who I talked to made a mistake, if the guy at the lost and found didn't realize what he was looking for, or what. . . But the bottom line is that I can't get it back and therefore need to find a new case.

Since I had all that free time I stopped at a mall near the Ex's place and visited all the mobile providers. None of them had anything that would work. I am bummed.

However, in the grand scale of things, this is a minor issue. It's silly that it became so huge. . .

But it was a very good case.

Tags: daily life
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