Queen of Swords (qos) wrote,
Queen of Swords

Three Cheers for Ergonomics!

I was working on my computer this morning and suddenly wondered why neck -- which had felt so good and loose after yesterday's massage -- was suddenly knotting up again. I wasn't doing anything stressful!

Then I realized that I was tilting my head to look down at my laptop screen -- and I've been doing so for *years*. I've learned at work that one's monitor is supposed to be at eye level, but I never thought about it at home. No wonder I have knots on knots in my shoulders and neck, even though my life is a lot less stressful than its been in years!

So this afternoon I went to Staples and found a wireless keyboard and mouse set on sale for $30. Set up was easy, and now I'm typing on a full sized keyboard looking at a screen that is actually at the right level! My laptop is perched on top of several large books, so it's not an elegant solution, but I can feel a huge difference in my back and shoulders.

Using the mouse instead of the touchpad is also helping a lot, which I didn't expect.

I keep thinking that all this is happening because of my Malkuth meditations. . .
Tags: health, spiritual practice
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