Queen of Swords (qos) wrote,
Queen of Swords

A Good Day

My floors are clean.
My kitchen is clean.
I have clean sheets on the bed, and my blankets will be through the laundry by bedtime.

I had a wonderful, enlightening session with a new spiritual director in the comfort of my own home, relaxed on my comfy couch.

My director was late due to a previous meeting running long, so I had to push back my massage appointment -- but that meant I ended up with a guy who was exceptionally good, and with whom I had a wonderful conversation about spiritual paths and energy work.

I went to the grocery store after that and found they had fresh/cooked Dungeness crab on sale, so I'll be eating cracked crab for dinner tonight, probably on my balcony.

And this video is making me smile:

I just realized that I'm happy.

How long has it been?
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