Queen of Swords (qos) wrote,
Queen of Swords

Writer's Block: Best book ever!

Is there any book you can read over and over again without ever getting sick of it? Do you discover something new every time you read it?

I'm not sure how much there is left to mine of these books, but each of them has a compelling story, sympathetic characters, and writing styles which really works for me.

My Big Three:
The Lions of Al-Rassan, by Guy Gavriel Kay
Beloved Exile, by Parke Godwin
Shards of Honor, by Lois McMaster Bujold

Others I Love:
Banewreaker/Godslayer, by Jacqueline Carey
Waiting for the Galactic Bus, by Parke Godwin
Lammas Night, Katherine Kurtz
Summer of the Red Wolf, by Morris West
Sailing to Sarantium and Lord of Emperors, by Guy Gavriel Kay
The River Why, by David James Duncan
The Moon Under Her Feet, by Clysta Kinstler
Tags: books, writer's block
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