Queen of Swords (qos) wrote,
Queen of Swords

"Being a Christian"

Thanks to wlotus for this inspiring link.

I want, when I say “Christian,” for people to think of the teachings of Jesus… how he healed the sick and welcomed those who society spit at… how he forgave the unforgivable and ate with those that most people of his day would not even look at. I’m tired of “Christian,” meaning pamphlets with hellfire and gay-bashing. I’m tired of it meaning Bush-supporter and anti-evolutionist. I want it to mean “follower of Jesus” again.

Click the quote for the whole essay.

Obviously I no longer identify as a Christian, and I reject the belief that a person must adopt certain doctrines about Jesus and engage in particular practices related to him in order to be "saved" and have a blissful afterlife.

That said, the teachings and example of Christ, as described by this blogger, remain a powerful influence on me. They provide an example of spirituality, morality, and love that transcend any single human belief system.
Tags: spiritual path, theology
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