Queen of Swords (qos) wrote,
Queen of Swords


Wolfling was sick all last week.
I've been sick for the past three days.
I'm getting better, but am still congested.
Wolfling is now with her dad for several days, and I'm glad.
I really, really need some quiet space to myself.

My house is a mess.
Recyling is piling up.
I have food going bad in my refrigerator because I haven't felt well enough to cook.
I'm not sure which clothes on the floor of my bedroom have been worn and which ended up there after the last load of laundry.

I need to apply for at least two jobs today in order to remain in compliance with the terms for receiving unemployment.

I have not done anything this week to further develop my own business.

I'm supposed to go to Portland on Sunday to visit athenian_abroad, Nick, and Nick's fiancee (who I have not yet met), and then drive further south on Monday for a several day visit with oakmouse. At this point I'm optimistic about going, but not 100% sure.

Emotional and spiritual reserves are low, so my usual grounding and support from that area is not what it could be.

Today I wish I had a time-stop device. I need an extra 24-48 hours between today and tomorrow to further recover and pull the logistics of my life back together.
Tags: domesticity, friends, health, spirituality
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