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Motivational Motto

From my SparkPeople blog:

Despite -- well, maybe because of -- my frustrations of the past six weeks or so, I decided to go ahead and enter Stage 3: "The Lifestyle Change Stage." One of the tasks is to select your personal motivational motto. It didn't take long for me to choose mine.

I've always enjoyed collecting motivational quotes. The ones I save tend to be *very* lofty. I like quotes about touching the stars and etc. But I've found that those types of quotes don't often actually help me. They're inspiring, but they haven't made much of a difference in my actions. Plus, I'm a perfectionist. I used to call myself a lazy perfectionist, but I've dropped that label. In the past, if I couldn't be perfect right out of the gate, I decided that there was no point to continuing.

The motto that's been keeping me going through the last six weeks, the motto that's helped me stick with it until the scale started moving down again (something I've never done before!) came to me in a SP motivational quote email:

"Fall down four times, get up five."

Who wants to think about falling down? I sure haven't!
And yet, I finally realized that I *do* fall down on a regular basis -- and that unless I keep getting up again I'm going to stay on the floor. Not where I want to be!

All those lofy quotes I've been collecting haven't given me room to be human and make mistakes, get tired and frustrated, or simply have days when I don't care. The mountain didn't move, the stars are out of reach, so what's the point? Why keep trying if there's no point?

Fall down. Get up. The path is still there. The goal is still there.
I can start moving forward again, even if I've gone backwards for a while.
But only if I stand up.

All this holds equally true for my business development and my priestess path, of course.
Tags: fitness, goals
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