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Organizing my Library

I didn't try to organize my books when I first moved into this apartment. I just threw them up on the shelves as fast as I could so I could break down the boxes and get them out. Since then, I've been frustrated by not being able to find anything. This evening I started sorting it out -- which is a real challenge given the size of my library.

My first thought was that I would take all the books down and stack them into piles by topic, and then figure out how the whole system would be organized -- but I don't have that much floor space. Once there were a few hundred volumes scattered about, with hundreds more still sitting on shelves I decided a new strategy was in order. Instead, I decided to focus on what was most important to me and just let things develop from there.

First, my "Select Library." These are the books that are my all-time favorites, the ones I always want to be able to put my hands on. There's fiction and non-fiction, novels, sci-fi, fantasy, spirituality, poetry.

Next, the fiction authors I collect. If I buy them in hardback, they go here: Lois McMaster Bujold (Vorkosigan books only), Guy Gavriel Kay, Jacqueline Carey, Ann Bishop.

Religion and Spirituality comes next -- and this was a real challenge. I finally figured out I would start with Neo-Paganism, then Academic Religion, and then (roughly) by era. So the progression is:
* Wicca and Goddess Theology (mostly kept out of sentiment these days)
* Grail Path and Arthuriana
* Western Tradition & Ritual Magic (Greer, Fortune, Butler)
* Kabbala
* Faery Path (Foxwood, Stewart)
* Native American
* Heathen
* Modern Devotionals
* Comparative Religion and Sociology of Religion
* Anthologies of sacred texts and prayers
* Ancient Near East
* Ancient Egypt
* Judaism and Hebrew Bible
* Ancient Greek
* New Testament texts and study
* Christian Theology
* Christian Spirituality
* Swedenborgian texts, theology and spirituality
* Hinduism
* Bhakti (Rumi and Mirabai)
* General Spirituality
* Prayer
* Sacred Sexuality
* Spiritual Autobiography
* Sacred Psychology
* Spiritual Direction

Next, Theatrical texts and theory, Domestic Arts and Organization, Writing.

And that's where I ran out of steam.

What's left?
Warrior Arts and Spirituality
Hiking and Camping
Travel (Guidebooks and Personal Accounts)
Fitness & Style
Business & Finance
General Self-Help
Movies and Television
Gaming Books
Science Fiction
Graphic Novels (Watchmen, Promethea, Sandman, Fables)
Children's Books
Justice & The Legal System
Novelty (The Action Heroine's Handbook, The Villain's Handbook, etc.)
Greek and German Language texts

The tarot books are with my decks in the cupboard of my dresser.
My erotic fiction and general sexuality books are on a special shelf in my bedroom.


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