Queen of Swords (qos) wrote,
Queen of Swords

My Baby Geek is Growing Up!

This afternoon Wolfling started pacing around our smallish apartment muttering to herself. When asked the cause of her ponder, she replied that she was trying to figure out which plot to pursue. Several minutes later I managed to draw out the information that she is preparing to run her first D&D campaign for her friends, to be launched once summer vacation starts.

I immediately dug into my still-disordered bookshelves until I found my copy of "Game Mastering Secrets" which was very helpful to me when I started working on my own first campaign. It should help her put some order on her wild creativity.

Wolfling is a passionate D&D player, and believes -- she told me with pride -- she "has most of the Players Handbook memorized." I'm sure that one day she's going to be a very good GM.
Tags: wolfling
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