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Moved-In, Re-Wired, and Grateful for Chivalry

The Move is officially complete -- except for emptying the boxes and getting everything arranged. Thank goodness! This has been the most grueling move of my life.

Panic set in yesterday as I realized that we really did need the two bookshelves Wolfling said she didn't want anymore, and that the movers had left behind a file cabinet and two big boxes of books in my office closet. The Ex had volunteered to bring his truck over to move the dining room set to unicorndelamer's house, but I was worried about scheduling complications. And the furniture that was going to charity was far too big for Dad's truck. So I had a lot of bulky, heavy furniture sitting in the old house needing to get to various other places by nightfall.

So I rented a U-Haul, and that saved the day.

Also saving the day were half a dozen unexpected knights. We were contemplating the challenges of moving the very large and heavy tabletop down the six concrete stairs to unicorndelamer's place, when she suddenly announced she was going for help. She approached the two strong twenty-something males that were in the parking lot and asked them if they would assist. They cheerfully came over, picked up the table and took it in -- without breaking a sweat.

I took her example to heart and did the same thing later that afternoon. One of my young male neighbors was happy to lift the file cabinet back into Dad's truck, and later another neighbor and his two Mormon missionary friends ran the bookshelves and the file cabinet up to the third floor. The missionaries were wearing their uniform: black slacks, white dress shirts, and nametags, and were quite sweet. They gave me their contact info -- stapled to a pamphlet about Jesus -- and invited me to call them if I needed assistance in the future. They shrugged off my dad's question about listening to their message with an "if it comes up" and seemed surprisingly low-key about it. Without all of their help, my family would have been in a real lurch, and probably would have had to wait until the Ex came to pick up Wolfling this Friday to be able to get those last pieces up to the apartment.

The two flights of stairs is worth the view, however. I love the view, love the privacy which I haven't had in a very long time. Wolfling is spending a lot of time on the spacious balcony (and is out there right now talking with a friend on the phone).

We still have a lot of boxes to go through -- especially Wolfling, but it's going to be nice here.

Not sure if I'll be able to catch up on four days of only glancing at LJ on my phone. Please let me know if I've missed anything important and/or juicy. ;-)
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