Queen of Swords (qos) wrote,
Queen of Swords

In the New Place

We're moved in.
Exhausted, of course.
Have to go back to the old place tomorrow to clean. Ack. . .

Have to get the table to JB tomorrow too.
I'd forgotten about that.

The last place was luxurious; this one is cozy. I think we'll fit okay, but we may need a shoehorn.

Instead of a dining room I have an office-library-gym. My fold-up treadmill fits perfectly between my little file cabinet and the bookshelves.

My bedroom is very small, but all my furniture fits.

The view out my bedroom window is beautiful during the day, pitch black at night. I'll post a photo once I have real internet, not just my gadget.

I ache all over. Time for bed.

Except I need to say one more thing. My Wolfling is amazing. She never whines. She never complains. She never rolls her eyes in disdain or makes faces or mouths off. When she gets tired she simply asks if she can take a break. When I ask her to do something, she does it -- or asks nicely for an alternative. She doesn't shirk. She's a real trouper.
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