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Entrepreneurial Encouragement

I had a meeting today with a counselor at the "transition management" company which MyCo retained to help us find new jobs. Not only do they do traditional job search stuff like networking, resume building, negotiation and etc., they also do advising on entrepreneurial ventures.

The guy I spoke to today already knew what spiritual direction is, which was a plus, and he got very excited about the specific plans for my practice as well as my already-developed ideas for marketing. He said that he definitely thinks there's a market for me.

The next step is for me to write a business plan and get back to see him to review it. I've given myself a two-week deadline.

I can't tell you how encouraging it was to have a total stranger become so engaged and enthusiastic about my plans and ideas -- and he assured me that he usually has a lot more questions about the viability of peoples' plans. He thinks I have a clear vision, a good understanding of business, and good ideas.

*happy dance!

And it's sunny out.

And we get to have Mom's pot roast for dinner tonight.

Today is a very good day.
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