Queen of Swords (qos) wrote,
Queen of Swords


I'm starting to stress about the move.

I'm definitely stressing about not having been able to find a buyer for my dining room set (price now lowered to $500!). I'm stressing about not feeling very good about any of the consignment options I'm seeing out there.

I'm stressed about not cooking this week, and not drinking enough water.

I'm stressed about my Dell DataSafe taking 60+ hours to back up and failing.

I'm stressing about my website for my practice -- even though that's off the schedule until the move is complete.

I'm stressing about the fact that Wolfling can't seem to keep track of her keys or her wallet.

I'm also excited about everything that's happening. I'm excited about my growing confidence about my business. I'me excited about the support and encouragement I'm getting. I'me excited about feeling and looking better.

I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed.
Tags: daily life, pentacles
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