Queen of Swords (qos) wrote,
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Amazon Censoring LGBT Titles

Via brigidsblest

meta_writer recently reported that books featuring LGBT characters and stories are being removed from Amazon's sales rankings. The official reason being given by Amazon is that they are excluding "adult" material, but the growing list of books not being ranked includes Young Adult novels as well as Rita Mae Brown's Rubyfruit Jungle and Annie Proulx's collection that includes Brokeback Mountain.

The links above contain quotes from Amazon as well as links for more information and places to contact Amazon.

Rendering books about LGBT characters invisible in the sales rankings does not "respect the sensibilities" of Amazon's customers, it panders to homophobia. It further minimalizes and devalues the lives and experiences of LBGT people. It has a negative impact on the possible income of the writers whose books are impacted. It deprives readers of the opportunity to enjoy these books and possibly to have their own insights broadened.

I've written to Amazon and insisted that they stop trying to "protect" me from these books.
Tags: sexuality
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