March 26th, 2010

Wendy Yes

"Alice in Wonderland"

I'm not a fan of the "Alice" stories -- although I love erl_queen's explorations of the "Girls Underground" motif.

I'm not a huge fan of Tim Burton.
I don't adore Johnny Depp.

I went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D with Wolfling this evening primarily because it was something fun for us to do together.

I did not expect to have an experience of magic.

I did not expect to feel joy and wonder and a renewed hope of extrordinary possibilities.

I felt like I was twelve years old again.

Don't ask me to describe the movie or analyze why it felt the way it did to me. If I turn on my Queen of Swords analysis, all the flaws pop up and I wonder how it could have had the impact it did.

For once -- as I used to do all the time -- I'm just going to revel in the magic.

I'm going to let it continue the process of bringing me fully back to life. Back to myself. Back to a part of my core that's been missing for a very long time.