Queen of Swords (qos) wrote,
Queen of Swords

Belly Dance Soreness, More Exertion To Come

So yes, belly dance class last night put me in a positive headspace . . . but last night it took me forever to fall asleep (which is what happened the previous week as well).

This morning I'm tired, a bit sore, and facing a long day.

Tomorrow morning is Lodge (60 miles away).

Does anyone have any tips for how to quiet the body after evening exertions so sleep comes more easily? I don't want to be awake half the night after every class!

ETA: I went back and changed the title of this entry. I've been alternately laughing at myself and kicking myself when I read my old entries and see how many are titled with such vivid subjects as "Monday Morning" and "Tired." I'm going to do better this time around.
Tags: bellydancing, body

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