Queen of Swords (qos) wrote,
Queen of Swords

Pushing On

I'm continuing to struggle with the same issues that I've been working on for the past couple of years. Each new insight seems to come slowly, with very little actual progress manifested in my external life. It's frustrating to the point of shame some days.

Today, despite my expectations of last night when I was tired and frustrated and wrung out after a week at the day job, I'm going to drive an hour to attend a study session of a Co-Masonic group I've been getting to know. I am desperate for adult, non-family contact outside of my work life, and I genuinely like these people. The fact that the lodge has a metaphysical focus is very important as well. I am lonely in my spiritual life, with the only friends who come close to being "co-religionists" living a very long way away.

I'm tired of feeling frustrated, trapped, isolated. . . but have yet to find the way out of the box.

Also looking forward to today's visit with Hob for a gaming session with him and Wolfling. But I'm even a bit afraid of that. I'm not sure I'll have the creative energy and juices to roleplay well. On the other hand, Wolfling is a brilliant rpg'er, and Hob is always inspiring. At worst, just hanging out with them will be fun.

One of the big blessings of my life is that I truly enjoy hanging out with my kid -- and she enjoys it too.
Tags: gaming, hob, job, spiritual path, wolfling
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