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I don't like buying shoes. "Necssary evil" pretty much sums up my attitude. My left foot is a half-size larger than my right, which makes it difficult to find a good fit. And shoes always cost far more than I think they should. I'd prefer to go barefoot or wear sandals, but that's not really an option most of the time. Historically I wear my shoes until they're falling apart, and then only reluctantly go out and buy new ones.

But recently I've been feeling uncomfortably aware of the fact that the not-getting-any-younger tennis shoes I've been wearing to work really don't look that good with my business casual wardrobe. I've been noticing the shoes my female colleagues wear, seeing some attractive, comfortable styles. . . and becoming self-conscious. That has never happened before. I have some nice black shoes, but my two favorite new outfits are brown, and my black shoes don't really go with them. Over the past few weeks I've gotten more and more anxious to go out and buy a nice pair of comfortable but pretty brown shoes for work.

I feel like checking to see if the Horsemen are mounting up. . .

When I buy shoes I always start at The Walking Store, which pretty much guarantees comfort and sturdiness. They have a nice range from sandals to business shoes to hiking shoes, and I found not only a lovely pair of brown shoes but a nice pair of black casual shoes. And because I got a sizeable tax return I was able to buy both, plus a few pairs of socks.

It was almost dizzying. . .

But now I can go to work on Tuesday feeling good about my entire appearance. . . which I think is also connected to my personal springtime. I just haven't cared much about anything since Lohain's death, and since I've always been rather casual about my own appearance, it's been an even lower priority -- but the combination of feeling more satisifed and more ambitious about my day job, plus my overall improved well-being is making me start to pay attention. I hope I'll never be overly concerned about my appearance, but I think that this is a healthy shift for me.


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